Pasture to Pavement

crowsJust as the title says, I used to live in the country….the woods, if you will. Maybe that is why, after almost 40 years, I still look for a piece of nature whenever I venture outside.  I never cared much for crows until I saw a documentary a couple years ago…can’t say I didn’t care for them; I just never thought much about them. One day in a tall tree across the road from our house, crows started flying in and roosting. I listened as a great sound of caws echoed over the neighborhood. Then there was complete silence as the crows still sat there. Then one crow would caw. Perhaps two would caw after. It was like they had gathered for a town meeting. After about fifteen minutes of this strange ritual, a few crows flew off, followed by a few more at a decent interval until there were only three remaining. It was as though they were leaving in order by rank.

I realized there were more to crows than landing on a piece of roadkill. Since then, when I see crows, I watch and listen. This photo appeared that the two crows were looking at the same thing and discussing it amongst themselves.

This is my first attempt at a blog and hopefully, I can make it succeed. Now that I am living on pavement instead of the Maine countryside, I will try to write something that will appeal to both.


2 thoughts on “Pasture to Pavement

  1. Earlk says:

    When we grew up in Vermont, we walked a mile and a half to school, uphill [both ways! :-)] About half way there was a farm with several large fields. Seems almost always there were Crows either in the fields or in the trees along side of the field. Normally they would not bother to fly off when we walked by. We recieved an old .22 passed down the family tree and decided to see if we could shoot some of the crows who were feeding on the farmer’s seeds.

    Well, as soon as we came into view carrying the ol’ .22, they flew off. So the next day we decided not to bring the .22. Sure enough, they stayed in the field feeding. We alternated carrying the .22 or not and found out that these Crows were pretty smart.

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