Pasture to Pavement

DSC08127It was September in 2007 when my husband and I started our trek for a new cat. No kittens for me, I said, no. I’ve done my share of introducing cats to litter boxes and all that goes with it. So we drove to Wilton, then to Lake George with the husband getting more desperate. We lost our cat of 8 years a few months before and he missed the company..or so he said. We dropped into the local shelter to look around and nothing caught my eye…the husband was no help. He had dropped helplessly, almost in a fetal position, from coughing and inhaling whatever was being spread around on the floor. We stood there in the fine mist of drifting something or other and although we were surrounded by felines…nothing. Nada. The husband left the building coughing so hard my finger was on the cell phone emergency number. It was time to give up…we didn’t need a cat. I started to walk away and out the corner of my eye, I saw a cage on the floor in a corner and the most beautiful eyes looking at me. I walked to it and said…hey, cat, why aren’t you outside? Well, the attendant said he didn’t like coming out; he was too nervous. I got down to eye level and asked him what his problem was as the door was opened. Out he came, circled my legs, out, in out. That is the story of how we came home with the hundred dollar cat in the photo. Fast forward seven years( well, almost). Cleanest and most loving cat we’ve ever had; however, it has not been all fun and joy.

I remember vividly being alone one night watching a television show from my recliner when Sam wanted in from the deck. He dropped something in front of the tv set and kept going. Meanwhile, I eased my backsides into the chair again, thinking I’d catch the rest of the show. And then to my wandering eyes, what should appear? He’d left a bat..yes..the flying kind…on the floor between me and the set. And it was crawling in my direction. As it is so eloquently put: OMG!! A broom would not sweep that bat off a carpet over the door track out on the deck. Was it going to take to the air and start dive bombing? I decided I hated the show and moved hastily out of the room to greet my son and husband coming home and to tell my husband what HIS cat had accomplished. I retreated from the scene completely and the last thing I saw was my son with the pool skimmer taking the bat outside.

Biggest accomplishment that my husband has been bragging on for several months now is that HIS cat knocks when he wants to come in from the deck. Well, the point is, HIS cat knocks on the screen door…and HIS cat has claws. It was finally pointed out that the screen door was badly in need of repair. Yes, it certainly was, he agreed.  The door is in tatters, but there is an upside to all this. I don’t have to get up to open the door anymore. Sam just jumps through the shredded hole he has been working on….like a tiger through a ring of fire.  Time he joined the circus…and earned his keep.


One thought on “Pasture to Pavement

  1. Sharon says:

    I love that you are doing your blog 🙂 Cute story about Sam and how he came to be a member of your household. I look forward to more of your stories.


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