Wishing for spring and Sunday Rides

carI am ready for spring. It seems like snow and winter has been here forever.  We have a narrow path from the road to our door step because it is just too far for my brothers and Dad to shovel by hand. They keep a place open for Dad to park his car and that is enough, as deep as the snow drifts.  Dad bought a 1938 Chevrolet last summer and it is a wonderful car.  I like to think about going for rides as the wind howls outside.

We have already had our Valentine Day celebration at school. I was not sure if the “big room” celebrated it or if it was just the younger students, but Mrs. Lurvey brought pink and red crepe paper and during lunch time, we all decorated a box and she made a big hole in the top for us to drop our valentines in for each other.  Some kids have wonderful valentines to give, but Ma usually buys us some that come in a book. We punch out the valentines and put the names on the back. I gave the funniest one to Kay and on back put “to Kay from Sandra”. Sometimes you get a valentine with just your name on it and you have no idea who gave it to you. That is always a mystery but a fun mystery! The books have about 25 valentines in them and I think they cost about a dollar or less, so Ma gets those for Rex, Curt and me.  Sometimes I get valentines with a lollipop stuck in it and some have tabs on the bottom, so when I get home and chores are done, I set them up on the kitchen table , all in a row, and look at them.  I love the colors of Valentines Day and the big hearts. Of course, the valentines are put away when it comes time to set the table for supper.

There isn’t much to look forward to the rest of the winter at school. We all hate that we have to sit inside and eat our lunches. The windows are closed and if the sun shines in all those windows, we get sleepy after we eat our lunch and Mrs. Lurvey is very patient when our eyes get heavy, but the learning goes on. I do think I have learned more this year than any other year. She is a very good teacher and this year I am paying attention!

I keep thinking about the rides we took last year when Dad got the new car. He had driven the old 1933 Chevy into the ground and the new one just purrs. Every Sunday afternoon or at least, most Sunday afternoons when we are not at camp, he wants to take a drive. He and Ma are in the front seat and Curt and I have the back seat and each has a window. Rex is always busy doing something with friends and Roland is too old for Sunday drives, I guess.

The only thing is that Dad likes to go the same place every Sunday. One day Ma asked him if he thought something had changed in a week and he just gave her a look and kept on driving. One ride we always make is to Bethel and then to Newry and stop at Screw Auger Falls. Then Dad always pulls the car over and exclaims “There’s old Mt. Speck”. I don’t know if that is the right name for it or not as sometimes my Dad makes up names for different things. I know it is very pretty in the fall when the leaves look like Grammy’s patch work quilt. There are browns, oranges, reds, yellows and some pine trees stuck in there for green. Screw Auger Falls is always beautiful . Sometimes Dad stops the car so we can walk around a bit and other times, he is in a hurry to keep going, so he just waves in the direction and we just rush by!  He loves to go to someplace near Andover, I think, and he always looks over his shoulder and says to Curt and me, “This is East B Hill”. Curt and I look at each other and wonder if it is an important place or not, but we are just glad to be out of Greenwood Center and having a nice ride.

Right now, it is parked down by the road with the snow drifts around it and I can’t wait for that snow to melt. Mr. Kenyon will come to his cottage across the road around the last of June or the first of July. About that time we will head for Indian Pond, probably. One never knows with Dad.

Right now, the wind is howling and I am going to stay here in the attic and dream about summer time rides.


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