Summertime, Summertime

DSC09981Strawberry season has passed. Curt and I made several trips up on the “flat” and filled our white enamel cups with the tiny berries growing near the side of the road. I know there are lots more over in the field, but that land belongs to the Cole family and we have been taught to never go on someone else’s property to take something that does not belong to us. I know if I asked them, they would not mind, but we get enough for our lunch as it is.

Soon Grammy Martin will have some of her great grandchildren come to visit for a week. I love to have someone different to play with and they always have new games to share. We spend a lot of time on Gram’s lawn.  My cousins Valerie and Junior Winslow come most summers and we have fun!  They showed me how to play games like “Red Light” and “Simon Says”.

Last year, my Aunt Cecile invited me to come visit them for a week in Crescent Lake. I didn’t know where it was, but it sounded like fun. Ma said it was ok for me to go, so when Valerie and Junior left Grammy’s house I rode home with them for a week.  They have a grand house and Valerie has a room of her own.  We played paper dolls for hours. Junior was very good and most of the time he played by himself but there were some games he joined in on, too. I had never stayed at anyone else’s house but Winnie Hanscom’s, so I was a bit nervous, but they were so nice to me, I hated to come home at the end of the week! There was a dance hall or something almost across from their house and we sat and listened to the music and watched the cars come and go on a Saturday night.

The Fourth of July is coming. Roland ordered some fireworks and they are supposed to come by train. He checks the station each day when he goes to work and hopefully they will be here by the Fourth.

Well, this morning I woke up pretty excited. Today is the Fourth and Roland told us last night the fireworks came in yesterday. Today Ma is going to give us a treat. She has asked Uncle Louis if we can borrow his green rowboat.

Curt is lagging behind this morning and finally I tell him if he wants to go on the boat ride he had better hurry. He wants to bring a truck with him to play with and I have told him that we will have a picnic and pick some blueberries.

Ma is rowing Curt, Rex and me across Twitchell Pond to a little area that we have always called Nick’s Point. It is just a little piece of land that juts out into the pond. Nearby is Brooks’ beach and towering above our heads is Rowe’s ledge. The ledge hawks circle and shriek, wondering who is coming so close to their nests. At first it kind of scares me to hear their shrieks, but after awhile it is really nice to see how wide their wings are.  Across the pond our house is just a speck.

Ma spreads out an old blanket and takes out the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. She was going to bring tuna fish but said she was afraid the sun would be hot and there is mayonnaise in them. We have some puffy pink cookies from Vallee’s store and also a couple of white ones with the coconut on top. This is really a treat and a big jug of orange Kool-aid to wash it all down. 

After the picnic, Ma hands us each a little pail she has saved from buying peanut butter and sometimes lard. They are perfect for berry picking and there are blueberries just waiting for us! Curt asks me if there are any bears here and I tell him they are all busy on the other side of the mountain. He remembers once Dad was picking berries and had a gun. Well, he leaned the gun against a tree and kept on picking and soon he looked up and there was a bear eating berries on the other side of the bank. Dad did not want to shoot him, just scare him, so he said he yelled and made some noise and the bear kind of looked at him and wandered off, but he took enough time so that Dad was kind of worried. He said if she had cubs, he would have been in a lot more danger! So Curt keeps looking around for a bear as much as he is picking berries. Soon, Ma has her pail full and the rest of us have a little over half a pail each and she says that will make a fine pie and some muffins.

It is a strange feeling to be out on the pond and see the houses from that view. Grammy’s house looks so big sitting on the hill and ours looks like someone plopped our house out of a big hand right into a little clearing in the woods. Ma doesn’t mind rowing and the pond is nice and calm today. Before we know it, we are on the shore and Rex jumps up with the rope to tie it tight so we can all climb out.

It is getting dusky now and we are all eager to see the fireworks Roland has bought. He has given each of us some Roman candles but says he will set them off for us so we will be safe.  We stand on the side of the road to watch and Roland goes to the edge of the pond. The Roman candles are beautiful! Curt and I each have a package of “sparklers” he has given us, so we run in circles with them sending off little sparks into the night. Uncle Louis and Grammy are sitting on their porch enjoying the pretty fireworks Roland sets off. He did not buy many with a big boom and I am glad for that!!

It has been a nice day. We have had a boat ride, a picnic and tonight some wonderful fireworks to look at. Maybe next week, Grammy’s company will come and we will have friends to play with again.

Maybe Dad will hold off his Indian Pond trip for another week!  Curt and I are sure hoping!


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