Zippety Doo Dah

IMG_0672It is a Sunday afternoon and the summer sun is warm and lazy in the sky.  Curt and I have run out of things to do, or so it seems.  He is five years old and I am nine. We have rolled the old car tires on the road all morning and and just tired of trying to think of other things to take up the day.

Ma looks as though she is tired as well. We have taken the clothes off the line and brought them in and folded what we don’t have to iron. It is too hot to start the wood stove and heat up the iron today. My cousin, Vance is visiting at Gram Martin’s but I think they have company , so don’t want to go there and intrude.

Would you like to go to the movies? I cannot believe that Ma just said that. Dad is out on Twitchell Pond fishing and the car is sitting in the yard. We have never been to the movies ..not ever. I ask her if Vance can go with us and she says it is fine with her if his grandmother says so.

We all pile into the car and to Bethel we go!  Ma says there is a special movie for kids called “Song of the South” which should be something we like. I am a little scared, because I have never been to the Bethel Theater before and not sure what to do. Ma says not to worry and that she will take care of every thing. She says she can only afford one container of popcorn so we have to share.

Curt takes my hand and I know he is scared, too. Vance walks with Ma and they go up to the ticket window. She buys three children and one adult ticket. There is a big man standing there and what a wonderful smile he has!  Ma tells us later that his name is Freddie Grover. Well, he certainly is very friendly and I don’t feel scared any more.

There are rows and rows of red plush velvet seats and we sit near the back. First on come the news reel and it is in black and white and tells us all that is going on in the world. Then there are the comics which the screen says are “Short Subjects”. We laugh and laugh and the movie has not even begun.

The movie is magic. Uncle Remus sings in it and others sing and I have never seen anything like it. The time goes so fast, that before I know it, the movie is over. The magic is gone! Ma gets us all up and we go to the car and my head is still spinning. I can see she enjoyed it as well. Maybe it was for kids, but it was a change from her work at home and at the mill.

All the way home, I sing Zippety Doo Dah, Zippety yay or something like that. I couldn’t get all the words but I knew the tune. Ma says if we are good all week and Dad goes fishing again, maybe we can go next Sunday. I guess she enjoyed it more than I thought. What is the movie next week, Ma? She says it is a musical with Doris Day and Gordon McRae and she likes musicals. So do I!!  Curt is not sure he wants to go to that and Vance says he will be gone by next Sunday. Well maybe Ma and I will go together.  She tells me that she does not like the movies with the fighting and blood and all and says there is enough of that in the news without it being in a movie.

I think she was talking about the time that Dad wanted to treat Uncle Louis and took him to his very first picture show. It was “Sands of Iwo Jima” starring John Wayne and Dad talked about it for a week and said that Uncle Louis almost popped his eyes right out of his head when he saw the big screen. Ma said she had heard enough about the war without living it all over again. Maybe that is why she decided we would go to a happy movie. I hope we go again. I didn’t know the magic in a movie at the Bethel Theater.

I bet I will be singing Zippity Doo Dah all week when I roll the tire down the tarred road, want to bet?


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