Scanning the by one

gangOn humid days, I tend to find a fan and let it blow continually until I feel as though I can move without sticking to the floor. These are the days I rummage around through my journals and re-read things I’ve written and forgotten. I found a few things I wrote in tribute to each of my four children. Today we will feature ..ta dah…second son…Gary.

” This morning I needed something high upon the kitchen shelf

oil for the cake I was baking . I reached and there sat my coffee maker. I moved it closer to be taken down and used in a hurry…checking the coffee next to it                   making a mental list of different coffees he’d want to try.

Then I remembered.

       he’s gone again.

For so long he was near, the phone rang and on the other end was his voice asking if he could come up and hang out.   For weeks I waited on week ends for the phone to ring.

Then I remembered.

A thought to give him woopie pies next time he came

Then I remembered.

And so this morning I readied the coffee maker for him…my son and then I remembered.

He’s gone again…down the his life.  He’s thinking of me. I know he is…

–and I remembered again

how much I miss him.”


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