Memories From the Doc’s Office

Everyone who knows me, also knows how much I loved being a Chiropractic Assistant for a few years. I made some special friends during this time and also had some memorable patients. The following I wrote one evening after a day at the practice. I found it today in a bunch of papers…as usual!!!

The Challenge


His sternness precedes him into

the doctor’s reception room..

his second visit   still withdrawn

within the circle of aloofness

like the first.

“How are you today” I ask

hoping to crack the shield ..


“Oh, my wife she come here and she

say he will help you..I dunno” and

his one good eye fixes upon my face as the

second circle of pure white gazes

into an unknown world.


“I born in Quebec, you know, but I American

my fadder born in Ver-mont you know..long

time ago. I was a medic in the Big War. It was

awful , and when I worked with the Section

eight I have the nightmares, you know”

the swinging of his arms punctuate sentences

as if to make sure I listen.


“Eighty five years, you know? Why bother to come

here. I die like my brothers and know. Four

brothers fought in the Big War, too. They dead now.

Thirteen kids we have, you know?”


He frowns, silent in reflection, as I seat him in the room.

I hang the x-rays and the one eye follows my every

move. “I din’t mind being a medic, you know. I glad

I could.”


I point to the x-rays, alive with light, look at him

and smile “Ok, Emile, which one do you want

for your Christmas Card..”


The man tips his head back with laughter

“You ok, young lady, you ok. I like you.”


Pat on the shoulder..”Doc will be right in”

He holds my hand and whispers “I thank you..”

…my day’s reward.



Thanks for sharing a memory.
















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